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In addition to providing local homeowners with U.S. native flowers, trees and shrubs, we also provide the following services:

Neighborhood Pop-up Shops

Imagine a garden center within walking distance of your yard!  Contact us about hosting a pop-up garden shop in your development or neighborhood.  We can also include mini-workshops and educational materials.


If you would like to learn about native plants, planting for wildlife, sustainable gardening practices and more, join us for one of our fun, interactive workshops.

Field Trips

Everyone loved field trips in school.  They were educational, but more importantly they were a lot of fun!  Join us for local and regional field trips to explore examples of native gardens, sustainable design efforts, and more.


If you can't make it to one of our local plant sales or you are not able to transport a large purchase, contact us about delivery options.

Landscape Solutions

We can help with plant selection and solutions for your yard,  We also can connect you with certified landscape designers and contractors that will work with you to create a beautiful design incorporating native plants.

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